Sitecore Solr Integration

Sitecore Solr Integration

What are we trying to achieve? : Sitecore Solr Integration

What versions are being used for integration? : Sitecore 8.2, Solr 5.1

Is there any compatibility matrix for Sitecore Solr Integration? : Yes, Sitecore Solr Compatibility matrix is here.

How do we achieve this? : Please follow the documentation below.

Sitecore  Solr  Integration Steps:

1-        Solr Installation

2-        Solr Configuration, Creating cores  and building the Indices 

3-        Misc. Configurations


A-       Solr Installation :

–             Solr versions before 5.0  were not stand alone servers, so to install them                   as a service we needed software like Jetty as service helper to manage                     the Solr as service

–             With 5.0 version and ahead now Solr itself runs as a standalone service.

–             So if you decide how you want to manage Solr –

o    as a service  – you will need another software NSSM to act as service helper

o    standalone – you can execute Solrservice.exe from the installation folder

–             In this documentation we will try to use Solr as a service.

–             Below will be the list of requirements

o    NSSM – Solr service helper

  • Download NSSM and copy to d:solrnssm.
  • We only need nssm.exe for our purpose.
  • We will create a few PowerShell/Batch files for NSSM to install, start, stop, restart or uninstall Solr.
  • To install Solr
    • Install.ps1
  • To start Solr
    • Start.ps1
  • To stop Solr
    • Stop.bat
  • To restart Solr
    • Retart.ps1
  • To Un-Install Solr
    • UnInstall.bat
  • Please see the snapshot below the files under folder d:solrnssm :
  • What is in Install.ps1

cd “D:solrnssm”

nssm install “Solr5.1.0”  “D:solrSolr5.1solr_start.bat”

Note: NSSM is installing Solr as service name “Solr5.1.0” by executing the batch file solr_start.bat.


  • What is in solr_start.bat

cd “D:solrsolr-5.1.0server”

java -Xms64M -Xmx256M -Djetty.port=8999  -Djava.util.logging.config.file=etc/ -jar D:solrsolr-5.1.0serverstart.jar

Note: start.jar is executed using specified port and memory arguments.


  • What is in Restart.bat

net stop Solr5.1.0

net start Solr5.1.0

Note: First stop the Solr by name “Solr5.1.0”, then start it.


  • What is in Start.ps1

net start Solr5.1.0

Note: First start the Solr by name “Solr5.1.0”


  • What is in Stop.bat

net stop Solr5.1.0

Note: First stop the Solr by name “Solr5.1.0”


  • What is in UnInstall.bat

nssm remove Solr5.1.0 confirm

Note: Removes “Solr5.1.0” service


B-        Solr Configuration :

–             Use Install.ps1 and Start.ps1 scripts to install and start the Solr service.

–             You can see the following screen when Solr runs successfully.


–             Now let’s configure Solr config files

o    Go to folder – “serversolrconfigsetsbasic_configsconf “ to config the file below:

  • Schema.xml
  • You can generate the Schema file using the Sitecore.
  • See screenshot below:

  • Also configure the<field> and <dynamicfield> tags under <fields> tag , <fieldType> elements in a <types> tag  and any <types>: <fieldType name=”pint”  to class=”solr.TrieIntField“/>



  • Finally save the file


o    Go to folder – “serversolr “ to config the files below:

  • Solr.xml
  • This file is used for configuring the main Solor config settings



  • SolrCores.xml
  • This file is used for configuring the cores
  • The following coresneeds to be configured:

o    sitecore_web_index

o    sitecore_master_index

o    sitecore_core_index

o    sitecore_analytics_index

o    social_messages_web

o    social_messages_master

o    sitecore_marketing_asset_index_master

o    sitecore_marketing_asset_index_web

o    sitecore_testing_index

o    sitecore_suggested_test_index

o    sitecore_fxm_master_index

o    sitecore_fxm_web_index

o    sitecore_list_index

  • See snapshot below:



o    To add new core :

  • Use the add button on Solor Admin panel:

  • Or Alternative use the CREATE method exposed by the service:
  • The call will be something like this:






o    To Rebuild the indexes :

  • Use Sitecore Indexing manager to index .

  • Rebuild indexes will look like this:


C-        Misc. Configurations :

  1. Configure Sitecore to Use Solr instead of Lucene.
  2. Install Solr Support package
  3. Install Solr support package from Sitecore

o   Unzip the Sole support package and get all the binaries from it and copy to the Sitecore bin folder, The following binaries will be copied:

  • Castle Windsor
  • Unity
  • Ninject
  • Autofac


  1. Enable Solr Configs
  • Remove the .example suffix from any configs having ‘Solr’ word in file name from the path websiteApp_ConfigInclude


                                                            iii.        Disable Lucene Configs

  • Add .disabled suffix to any configs having ‘Lucene’ word in file name from the path websiteApp_ConfigInclude



After having done this configuration, you should be good to go.